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Are you a scientist who works in the north of The Netherlands and want to start your own business?
RUG Houdstermaatschappij BV will provide you with knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial support.
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You send your idea (i.e. business plan)
We evaluate your idea
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Find the support you need

The RHM was founded in 1996 to launch knowledge-intensive companies from the RUG to bring scientific ideas and research results to the market.

Since the start, approximately 50 companies have been launched. Almost all of these companies are spin-offs from the RUG and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

The University of Groningen BV (RUG) is a breeding ground of young talents. Often there are ideas for promising commercial applications emerging in this scientific environment.

The road from brilliant idea to flourishing business is long and difficult. The RUG Houdstermaatschappij (RHM) supports scientists in the process of starting a business. Therefore we bring knowledge, experience and a broad and unique regional business network within the reach of successful young entrepreneurs and companies.

The RHM is managing day to day business for Innolab Chemie Groningen BV. RHM also manages the investment portfolios of both Kennis Conversie Fonds BV (KCF) and Noord Tech Venture CV (NTV). Furthermore the RHM supports the board of Van Swinderen Huys BV. The board consists of students of the RUG. Van Swinderen Huys is a meeting place for the staff of RUG, UMCG and affiliated companies.

Our Team:

  • CEO: drs. Corina Prent
    Phone: 0031 6 2292 6660
  • Office manager: Drs. Ellen Hoekstra
    Phone: 0031 50- 363 5459
  • controller and tax specialist: Wilma Pals
    Phone: 0031 6- 2726 0777
  • Address: Kadijk 4, 9747 AT
    Groningen, The Netherlands